A Missionary in my Own Country

My Journey Home

Many times, when we hear the word “missionary” our first thought is of brave people who leave everything behind, family, friends, work and move across the world to evangelize another country.

I used to think that way too.

Honduras MissionsHonduras Missions








And even as a little boy, I felt that inner passion to help others. That belief that it is better to give than to receive. Throughout my adolescence I loved helping medical brigades, social workers, and listening to great stories about people who traveled to other countries to serve and I dreamed that one day I would become a missionary in another country.

And as the years went by,  as my passion for serving increased, I became more involved in my church, in my community and I began to faithfully serve people in my own country.

Honduras Missions

Honduras Missions




Until one day, while working as a journalist (my professional career) I began to feel that I was being called to leave that life behind and commit my work directly to God and His Kingdom. I felt that I had to leave my dreams, my friends, the city where I lived, and I had to trust and serve others!

But where, where was I being called to? And then it hit – right here in my own country!

For me, that’s where it all started.

Most people did not understand. Even my own family asked, “Whoever heard of being a missionary in your own country?”

Honduras Missions

To me, it’s clear –  I am a missionary, in my own country! And why do I believe that? Well, God told me so, he made it so clear to me, all my passion, all my desire to help, my whole heart was to be for the people of my country.

It was not easy, but it is very comforting to know that, if God is calling you to do something He will be with you. You just need to have a determination to help, a love for people, and to know that because Jesus loves you, then you need to love others and give the best of you to them.

Let me clarify, of course it is not bad to go out internationally to serve in other countries. I actually wait for you here in Honduras, so that together you can help me serve my people. But let’s not limit ourselves to one week a year to serve. Serving should be a lifestyle, that’s why today I challenge you to start serving in your country!

You can serve in your home church, supporting the different ministries they have, in your community, with your group of friends, in your work, remember to always be the light of Jesus where you go, and help the people around you all the time. Let’s become missionaries in our own countries. And let’s continue loving Jesus and loving people.


It’s all about Love

Jonathan Zelaya

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